Battersea Power Station

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Business Engagement
Community development
Battersea Power Station Development Company (BPSDC)

Battersea Power Station is taking shape. It will be a new town centre for the borough of Wandsworth and a new destination for Londoners.

The means – working with Base Associates ( and BPSDC – is speaking to local businesses to find out :

1) whether they wish to supply goods and services to local residents 

2) how they believe the area could be improved.

Summer 2016 - present
Project Description: 

Battersea Power Station will be home to some 9,000 new residents. In addition around 42% of the floorspace will be dedicated to commercial uses – including offices, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, and new leisure and cultural facilities. Apple will take some 500,000 square feet in the iconic Power Station building for its European HQ.

Where do existing businesses in the area fit in? BPSDC expects its new residents and business occupiers to need a variety of goods and services. Furthermore BPS visitors are likely to venture beyond the boundary of the Power Station, not least to access the existing transport hubs. The opportunities are huge.

The means, on behalf of BPSDC, is tasked with making sure these relationships are in place. It is speaking to more than 100 indigenous businesses to find out what offer, and whether they want to be in a relationship with the Power Station. With the help of Base Associates (, it is also seeking to find out whether businesses could come together to address other issues in the area – such as the quality of the physical environment.

Early results are encouraging. The area around the Power Station is rich in resources for interior design and furnishing, as well as wholesalers supplying (among others) the restaurant and construction industries. If you’re moving into a new flat or office, there is very little that you can’t find in Battersea.