Project London Road Placemaking and Visual Identity Strategy
Timescale February – September 2020
Client London Borough of Croydon Council
Assignment: To engage with the local community in London Road to support the development of an identity design strategy and to develop designs for two neighbourhood areas along the route.

London Road is one of three key movement corridors identified as part of the Growth Zone, a major regeneration programme being delivered as a partnership between Croydon Council, Central Government, the GLA and TfL. It seeks to ensure the road’s design and transport prioritisation responds appropriately to future neds.

The corridor is congested, has high pollution levels and fails to offer an inviting alternative to travelling by car. The area is greatly affected by the dominance of traffic and there is generally a poor quality of public realm. The 2019 London Road Corridor Improvement Strategy Study also found a lack of distinct identity of local areas, a lack of cultural and leisure assets and a lack of green or open social space.

The aims of this commission are to address the recommendations made and to identify, establish and enhance a sense of place along the corridor by developing a coherent visual identity and to move forward with this to implementation for two neighbourhood areas in Norbury and Broad Green.

Working in collaboration with Carver Haggard Architects, The means developed an engagement strategy for maximising community involvement and ensuring there is a co-design process. The engagement approach enabled stakeholders to inform the overarching strategy for the corridor and secondly, to help identify opportunities and design options in Norbury and Broad Green.

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