Taff Bargoed - Regeneration

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Merthyr Tydfil CBC

Regeneration Strategy for Taff Bargoed

March to November 2006
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Taff Bargoed valley, formerly a powerhouse of the coal industry, has witnesed the total closure of its mines, causing massive economic and social dislocation.

Although the subsequent regeneration has been somewhat piecemeal, there have been a number of notable achievements, foremost among them being the physical transformation of the colliery sites themselves.

Latterly the valley has been going through a transitional phase. Bruised by its recent past it appears uncertain about the future. But its position at the heart of a Cardiff City region - close to urban services and yet in a wonderful natural setting - promises well.

The means undertook the Taff Bargoed Regeneration Strategy. This positioned the valley as a centre for the birth and growth of small businesses, thereby diversifying the economic base