Relocation of Commercial Units in Haringey

Project categories: 
Business Engagement
Homes for Haringey and Haringey Council

To provide business advice services for the relocation of commercial enterprise centre units, as part of an estate-wide regeneration project in Haringey.

Spring - Summer 2019
Project Description: 

The means were tasked to work with a commercial leaseholder in a high-profile estate in Tottenham to support the transformation of the enterprise workshops on the site, also forming part of a wider master planning exercise. The relocation of these units in the context of the future regeneration of the site provides an opportunity to review and tighten operational and management processes for the commercial units going forward, in addition to determining the preferred new siting and potential new tenant mixes that would generate increased value for the head leaseholder.

A series of meetings were held with the head leaseholder and client to firstly establish the purpose and context of the enterprise unit, to build understanding and trust and to explore whether there are concerns or issues. As part of this, two workshop type meetings were held to explore an exemplar local workspace hub and a further session to discuss and review the emerging recommendations to support the business plan for the enterprise units. The means provided advice to the leaseholder’s business planning on the demand for the new units and what rent they may generate, based on local research and reviewed other financial / operating considerations.