Relevance of Parking for Urban Centres

Project categories: 
Smarter Travel
Town centre
London Councils
July to October 2012
Project Description: 
The means was commissioned by London Councils to carry out a review of existing research of the relevance of parking for the success of urban centres
This included gathering all known academic research relevant to the London context as well as recent reports from transport interest groups, EU projects and studies carried out by local authorities .  As well as published literature a survey was distributed to parking officials in all London boroughs. This aimed to collect information on parking policies, parking supply, parking charges and any data available on the performance of their town centres.
The report concluded that there is no correlation between either parking supply or parking cost and the vitality of a town centre area . In London the evidence suggested that not only did the majority of shoppers come by public transport or on foot, but that these shoppers also spent more than those coming by car over a week or month.
The report also set out a number of recommendations. These included for local authorities to communicate more clearly where parking revenue is invested and for there to be more systematic data collection on the impacts of changes in parking policy.
The full report is available to download from the London Councils website