Redevelopment of the Selby Centre

Project categories: 
Community development
Haringey Council and the Selby Trust
November 2019 – current
Project Description: 

In November 2019, The means were appointed to work in partnership with a project team led by Karakusevic Carson Architects to deliver a masterplan proposal for the redevelopment of the Selby Centre in Haringey, a multi-purpose community centre and social enterprise. The project partnership between Haringey Council and the Selby Trust will deliver a new Selby Centre, homes for local people and a new sports facility on Bull Lane Playing Fields.

The means are working closely with the project team to develop and undertake an engagement strategy that is inclusive and meaningful to ensure the project meets the needs of the current and future Selby users, licencees, local and new residents and the current and future users of the sports facilities. The strategy has been designed to create a desire by the community to take an active role in shaping the proposals by delivering a creative programme that gives a number of different ways for people to get involved going from digital approaches to more traditional forms of communication. Importantly, the programme seeks to draw out not only physical improvements for the Selby centre, but also to develop social and economic measures that will have a transformative effect for the site and for those involved.

To maximise benefits for the communities impacted by the development, social value has been embedded into the programme with a commitment to share knowledge, support the local economy and provide paid opportunities for local people. Where public events take place, these will also be curated to provide benefit for the community such as training and learning activities.