Poets’ Corner: Redevelopment of Harrow Civic Centre

Project categories: 
Community development
London Borough of Harrow Council

To facilitate dialogue between project stakeholders and the design team through direct consultations with local residents, businesses and key contacts.

To provide analysis of the engagement process and recommendations to the local authority, helping to shape the vision for the development.

Dec 2016 - May 2018
Project Description: 

Harrow Council are currently undertaking a multimillion pound regeneration programme across the borough, providing new homes, schools, commercial, cultural and leisure facilities in addition to public realm and transport improvements.

Poets’ Corner represents the flagship project of the Council’s regeneration programme, known as ‘Building a Better Harrow’. The development proposal seeks to relocate the existing council offices to a new site in Wealdstone and in its place, to develop a new housing-led, mixed-use neighbourhood.

The means were selected as the project consultants, leading on the engagement with residents, businesses and other key stakeholders in Harrow surrounding the development site, ensuring that the needs of the area are reflected in the final masterplan. One-to-one interviews, consultative events and drop in sessions formed key milestones in the project programme as methods for engaging with the various stakeholders and providing recommendations on the design.

The planning application for the outline masterplan and detailed design for Phase 1 of Poets’ Corner is due to be submitted in early 2018.