Peckham Business Network

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Business Engagement
Community development
Town centre

To implement a programme of improvements for Peckham

July 2012 to 2015
Project Description: 

Peckham businesses have been awarded funding from the Southwark Community Restoration Fund. The fund was set up to restore local pride and deliver long term solutions that will support businesses across the borough, particularly those affected by the riots of 2011.

There is a huge stock of passion and commitment for Peckham from businesses in the area. By talking with a large number of individuals and organisations one thing is clear: Peckham is distinctive and unique, with a diversity of communities matched by an astonishing mix of built heritage and richness of art, culture and community.

The means has been facilitating a new business steering group and managing the fund.  Working with local businesses and members of the community we have:

  • Create a business network in Peckham to encourage businesses to work together in a meaningful way and provide the infrastructure to allow them to develop and implement projects.
  • Deliver projects to improve Rye Lane, Peckham High Street and its surrounding area. In particular we will focus on:
  1. Developing a communication strategy to ensure a focused and efficient marketing campaign and better filtration of information to businesses
  2. Improving the appearance of Peckham through programmes such as street cleaning, measures to deter shoplifting and temporary treatments to premises
  3. Testing our ideas through pilot projects to determine their sustainability.
Our approach has focused around personal communication, delivering early improvements, and developing a clear vision for the town centre with business owners at the forefront.


A consumer survey of visitors to Peckham town centre
The means recently commissioned market research experts ROI on behalf of the Peckham Town Team to conduct a consumer survey of visitors to the town centre.  The aim of the research was to build a profile of the types of visitor and their spending habits, and to gather people’s views on the town centre and how they would like to see it enhanced. 
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