Nine Elms

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Community development
The Nine Elms Vauxhall Partnership

The Nine Elms Vauxhall Partnership brings together the Mayor, Lambeth and Wandsworth Councils and the main developers and landowners to help coordinate the developments within the Nine Elms Opportunity Area. To develop a strategy to best coordinate the management of the newly provided public realm.

June-August 2015
Project Description: 

The Nine Elms Partnership wanted their members to start thinking about how the public realm might be managed as it was completed along with the new developments. With so many different developments and owners, and the local authorities having little direct role in the management of the public realm because it was directly connected to the new developments, the Partnership was concerned that they needed to give thought to future management arrangements to ensure coordination and proper management took place once new residents and commercial occupiers moved in and visitors started to arrive.

Mike Fairmaner at The means was asked to consider how the public realm might best be managed and topropose options for where management might best be joined up and co-delivered across different ownerships in a high level strategic report. Following discussions with the two Councils and consideration of the types of developments taking place, from Battersea Power Station in the west to Vauxhall in the east, Mike assessed the types of development proposed and their uses and identified the key gateways where more intensive management might be required to propose a high level strategy for joint management arrangements.