Legible London for Business

Project categories: 
Business Engagement
Smarter Travel
Transport for London & Southwark Council
Project Description: 
Promoting walking for commuting and trips during the day is one of the key objectives of Transport for London and Southwark Council.
One successful tool has been the development of a clear way finding strategy based on mapping which takes into account the needs of pedestrians.  Called 'Legible London', a number of different mapping products have been developed based on the same clear base map, which include key features and an indication of walking time.
The means is working with both organisations to test the feasibility of displaying walking way finding maps within business foyers and other common areas. The idea is to complement the growing network of 'Legible London' freestanding maps around central London, as well as those at tube stations and bus stops.  In addition, working with associate Magnetic Ideas, a number of different concepts have been developed to promote the use of the maps amongst employees.
For more information about Legible London see http://www.tfl.gov.uk/microsites/legible-london