Junction Ahead – Battersea’s BID – Feasibility to Setup

Project categories: 
Business Improvement District
Wandsworth Borough Council on behalf of Clapham Junction Town Partnership
Summer 2017 - January 2019
Project Description: 

Clapham Junction town centre is a vibrant area with several distinct districts, each offering a unique experience and a wealth of opportunities to build on. Yet as all business know, trading conditions are challenging with an increasingly competitive environment. Additionally, whilst Clapham Junction plays host to one of the UK’s busiest interchange train stations, not enough people look beyond the station to the location itself. With major station upgrades planned in the future, there was an opportunity for the wider town centre to establish itself as a major destination.

The means were commissioned to work with the Clapham Junction Town Partnership on the process of setting up a BID, from feasibility study to set-up. Following a feasibility study that indicated an appetite amongst businesses for working together, proposals were developed and taken to ballot in November 2018.

Following a successful ballot result, The means worked with local businesses to set up the BID, ensuring governance structures are in place and preparing for delivery of its first year business plan.