Harrow Station Road

Project categories: 
Business Engagement
Community development
Harrow London Borough Council

To facilitate the development of the Private Sector and increase footfall in a key arterial corridor through the establishment of a constituted business association, creation of robust public-private partnerships, and community events.

The Station Road Project is a High Street Regeneration Project which aims to aid the development of the private sector through the formation of a business association. The project also included significant Public Realm improvements to two parades and shop-front enhancements for more than a third of business within the scope area.

1 year
Project Description: 

The Means and Mark Architecture, Landscape & Urbanism are working with Harrow Council's Economic Development department to deliver a project of improvements for Station Road, a key arterial corridor in an opportunity area of the Borough, funded in part by the GLA's High Street Fund.

The project involves:

  • the creation of a constituted business organisation of businesses along Station Road and a one year action plan
  • physical improvements to public spaces
  • shop-front improvements
  • development of a distinctive culture and identity
  • community events

The overarching aim of the project is to use the physical improvements and community events to get Station Road businesses engaged, involved and to recognise the power of joint work and partnership.

The project started with a three month engagement campaign to speak with all businesses on Station Road (75) to understand the key issues they saw as being barriers to their development. The following months saw The means team work with businesses on addressing the three main issues to come from the initial engagement; cleanliness, crime, and marketing/ area promotion. Through a series of meetings themed around these key issues, attended by both businesses and the relevant council and police officers. The means were able to create robust public-private partnerships to ensure the long-term sustainable development of the area.

Based on the history of Station Road The means team were able to create a distinctive identity for the area that informed the widespread shop-front improvements and gave a name to the quickly forming group, The Greenhill Action Team (GreAT). February 2016 saw the Greenhill Action Team become a constituted group with the ability to apply for public funds.