Garw Valley Regeneration

Project categories: 
Community development
Bridgend County Borough Council and the WDA

Regeneration Framework and Action Plan for the Garw Valley

January 2002 to October 2003
Project Description: 

The Garw Valley has been transformed in recent years with much of the legacy of its heavy industrial past being remedied. Those who have lived and worked in the valley appreciate the changes. But the impressions of the new visitor will still be formed by the number of empty premises - some in danger of dereliction - the tired public realm, a lack of facilities and (other than the natural beauty) dearth of obvious attractions.

The means was appointed to support the process of regeneration in the Garw Valley. Specifically:

  • To bring together a Regeneration Strategy for the area building on work undertaken to date and discussions with key stakeholders;
  • To evaluate existing projects, specifically those being developed for Objective 1 funding, against the strategy and other criteria.

We set a strategic context and framework for future programmes and projects. This provided a short and long-term vision about what is important to the community and a shared view of what might be achieved by working together and with others in partnership.