Ealing Road

Project categories: 
Business Engagement
The London Borough of Brent Council

To facilitate the formation of a business forum that collectively works with the council to restore Ealing Roads reputation and to hold a series of events that look to increase footfall along the High Street.

The Ealing Road Project is a High Street Regeneration Project looking to address issues that have resulted in the gradual decline of what was once ‘UK’s premiere Asian fashion shopping destination’

1 year
Project Description: 

The multi-disciplinary regeneration project for Ealing Road brings together business engagement and public realm improvements. Ealing Road is an important South Asian shopping street in the London Borough of Brent, offering specialist goods from clothing to food, as well as a cultural centre and home to a diversity of religious institutions.

Through this project Brent Council wish to ensure the sustainability of Ealing Road as a special place in the local and regional context. This includes improving the local environment through the creation of new public spaces and the enhancement of existing spaces. The project also involves promoting the area through wayfinding and a strong graphic identity, as well as attracting visitors and local residents to Ealing Road through a series of street festival events.

The ongoing engagement with businesses will facilitate the establishment of a strong local business network that will work closely with Brent Council to address key issues hampering the development of Ealing Road.