Carmarthenshire - staffing agency

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Community development
Carmarthenshire Youth & Children's Association

Feasibility & implementation of a Staffing Agency

Three months from January 2007
Project Description: 

The childcare, play and youthwork sectors are looking for more and better-qualified staff at a time when the workforce is actually diminishing. However the 'matching' of employees and vacancies takes place in a fragmented way and is often left to chance or word of mouth.

The means explored the feasibility of establishing an Agency aimed at improving the process for employers and employees alike. This involved considering in detail the issues affecting the formation of such an Agency, making recommendations as to how these could be resolved, and assembling the policy and operational framework required to bring the Agency to life.

However the purpose of the commission was not only to produce a report but to work towards the emergence of an agency. An Implementation Toolkit was therefore produced to provide the building blocks for the Agency.