Byron Quarter Redevelopment of Harrow Leisure Centre

Project categories: 
Community development
London Borough of Harrow Council

To facilitate a dialogue between local stakeholders and the design team through direct consultations with local residents, tenants and user groups of the leisure facilities. By also implementing a series of events and focus group sessions, it is anticipated that this will enable user groups to become actively involved in shaping the vision for the development and to imagine what the area could become in the future.

Winter 2016 – July 2017
Project Description: 

With a membership of over 6.7K in 2016, Harrow Leisure Centre is the single most used Leisure facility across the borough. The Byron Quarter Development sets out an ambition to overhaul the site, to better meet current user demands and as essential to delivering a thriving cultural offer for the local community and wider area. The council are seeking to provide new or improved sports and leisure facilities and better connections with Byron Park, as well as providing new housing, a development which also forms a key milestone in the council’s broader ‘Building a Better Harrow’ vision.

The means were commissioned to undertake an engagement process that builds an understanding of the context of the development and the needs of the communities affected by these plans, developed through a stakeholder overview which identifies key actors, groups and user patterns of the leisure facilities. One-to-one interviews, consultative events, workshops and focus groups form key milestones in the programme as a method of encouraging more detailed and open discussions regarding the development, strengthening links between resident communities, tenants and decision-makers and to enable users to become actively involved in the proposals.