Brent - Evaluating funding support

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London Borough of Brent

Review of operation and effectiveness of main programme grant to the voluntary sector

May to November 2002
Project Description: 

The London Borough of Brent wished to review the operation and effectiveness of its Main Programme Grant which had been in existence for a number of years. It is allocated on an annual basis and administered by the Voluntary Sector Support Team, who appraise and monitor the grant. In reality over the past few years allocation overwhelmingly has been made to the same groups.

The Council wished to establish whether its support helps in meeting the changing needs of the Brent community and the extent to which it is maximising value for money. 

Our approach involved interviewing a very large sample of those organisations in receipt of grant from the Council. We established the level of awareness with the Council's strategy, and recommended ways in which the different objectives of grant giver and recipient could be more closely aligned.