BID feasibility for Clapham

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Town centre
Business Improvement District
Business Engagement
Lambeth Council

Scoping the feasibility of a Business Improvement District for Clapham Town Centre

January – July 2013
Project Description: 

The means was commissioned by Lambeth Council to carry out a feasibility study into the development of a Business Improvement District (BID) in the Clapham town centre area. 

The work was divided in two phases:  Phase One, Scoping and Phase Two, Feasibility and Business Plan.

Phase One

The emphasis of the initial stage was on providing and gathering information, raising awareness and gauging supporting for a new business led organisation amongst the local business community.  This included bringing together a core group of businesses and other stakeholders that could initiate the new organisation and help steer the wider consultation process in Phase Two.

Phase Two

This second phase focused on building the capacity of the new organisation as well as a more extensive consultation, with face to face interviews with 80 local businesses. 

This consultation highlighted the issues that could be addressed by a potential Clapham BID and the types of services that would be popular with the range of retail, office based and night time economy businesses in the town centre.

The Clapham Business Community progressed to ballot stage and secured a positive outcome. 

Key outcomes:

·         A new business organisation established: the Clapham Business Community

·         Clear idea of the areas of concern for business

·         Identified themes for a BID programme including a special focus on the night time economy

·         A positive response towards a BID and support for the concept