A BID for Andover Town Centre

Project categories: 
Business Improvement District
Business Engagement
Test Valley Borough Council

The means were commissioned in February 2016 by Test Valley Borough Council, to provide advice on the feasibility of developing a Business Improvement District (BID) in Andover Town Centre.

February 2016 - July 2016
Project Description: 

Andover is a market town with a population in the region of 64,000. Located almost midway between Southampton, Winchester and Basingstoke, the town grew in importance in the 18th century as a key staging point for those travelling the road from London, to Salisbury and Exeter to the south west.

The study has sought to establish the feasibility of setting up a Business Improvement District (BID) for Andover town centre. To do so, interviews have been sought from 100 businesses, gauging their opinions on the concept of a BID and what it might achieve for Andover.

The study had three components:

  1. Interviews held with key stakeholders to gain context and background
  2.  Interviews carried out with businesses
  3.  A Business Networking Event on 28th June encouraging businesses to learn more about the BID concept and discuss with one another how it could affect their priority issues

The questionnaire tested for:

  • Overall business health in difficult times
  • Opinions on the main issues facing businesses
  • Solutions they feel could be implemented to improve trading conditions
  • Awareness of BIDs and the level of support with respect to a possible BID in Andover

Following The means' recommendations, a steering group of businesses are now proceeding with the BID ballot process with further engagement and development of the BID business plan.