Better Bankside

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Business Improvement District
Smarter Travel
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The means has been providing leadership and support for Better Bankside since 2000. It is one of the country’s oldest and largest BIDs and Peter Williams has served as part time CEO since the organisation’s inception 16 years ago, taking the organisation through three ballots and to the point that it delivers a very broad programme to its 700 business members. Over this time James Thomas has provided the financial management of its £1.6 million p.a. levy supplemented by significant leveraged funding. One example of which is the innovative work undertaken with backing from TfL in lessening the impact of vehicles. This forms part of the Smarter Travel programme which is run by the means’ Sophie Tyler and Sam Knight.

The means personnel are embedded in Better Bankside’s 30 strong team which includes full and part time staff, consultants, cleaning contractors, wardens, two seconded police officers, and an Urban Gardener jointly employed with Borough Market.

The Better Bankside programme is increasingly involved in place shaping, both in a policy and practical sense.  

The work to produce a detailed vision for the BID area and its hinterland, in the midst of unprecedented levels of development interest has been a complex undertaking. In parallel, building on the blueprint of Bankside urban Forest, the focus has been on delivering exemplar projects on the ground, illustrating the values that the partners seek to develop and sustain. One of the most exciting manifestations of this is the Low Line which has been influential in inspiring other viaduct schemes.