The BEES project: evaluation

Project categories: 
Business Engagement
Caerphilly County Borough Council on behalf of Cwm a Mynydd, Rural Action Cwm Taf and Vale of Usk Rural Development Programmes
February 2019 – May 2019
Project Description: 

The BEES project was a project jointly delivered by 3 Rural Development Programmes across 6 Local Authority areas in Wales. Bees are crucial for pollination of our crops, as well as to the wider ecosystem. The project delivered actions to address three separate but related streams of work around bee keeping and conservation in Wales – breeding and rearing of queen honeybees, education and environment (working with schools the public) and skills sharing (between bee keepers).

The means were commissioned to evaluate the extent to which the BEES project met its original objectives and identify the benefits to those involved, barriers to the projects delivery and recommendations for successor projects.

The work involves engaging with bee keepers, project partners and the delivery team, as well as looking at outputs from the project.