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Smarter Travel

Supporting partners, managing participation & seeking full partnership

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The means has extensive experience of European partnerships in a variety of contexts. Most recently it has acquired special expertise in partnerships aimed at facilitating 'Mobility Management' or 'Smarter Travel'. As part of its work at Better Bankside, and in co-operation with the OPTIMUM2 project, Means personnel created the award-winning Travel Planning Group, wrote the Bankside area-wide Travel Plan and implemented a huge number of measures aimed at achieving the Plan's ambitious targets.

Sophie Tyler, Seniour Consultant  The means, leads on Smarter Travel initiaves and brings a huge wealth of related experience to any project.

From April 2004 until the summer of 2007, Sophie Tyler was Principal Researcher and Advisor to OPTIMUM2. This Interreg IIIB project focused on new strategies to promote sustainable travel in business areas and hospitals. Sophie managed a team of three in establishing and running two business-focused travel plan groups in the London Borough of Southwark. She also advised two of the partners on monitoring and evaluation. As part of this work she developed the concept anbd managed the development of two area-wide travel plans, co-athored the guide on setting up local travel plan groups for Transport for London and was a member of the team responsible for the development of the final OPTIMUM2 project output, publicising the research results.

Between 2000 and 2003, Sophie was Research Co-ordinator for TAPESTRY. This 5th RTD Framework-funded project focused on developing effective methods to design, implement and assess sustainable transport marketing and educational campaigns. Sophie helped develop a new behavioural change model which has now been adopted by Transport for London, adapted for use within Eurocontrol (European air traffic management) and used by many local authorities in their travel planning and awareness programmes.

Sophie recently led on a review of the relevance of parking for urban centres for London Councils and has.also co-authored and edited a user guide to developing effective campaigns, a comprehensive manual to campaign assessment and policy recommendations.