The means: business districts

From Town Teams to Business Improvement Districts, we are at the forefront of helping commercial organisations collaborate and improve their place

The means has outstanding experience working with the private sector. We help our clients to think beyond the boundaries of their own premises or scheme, and contribute to the making of a ‘whole place’. We have experience across a range of models, from Town Centre Partnerships to Business Improvement Districts. We were involved in the pioneering of Business Improvement Districts in the UK, establishing the country’s 3rd BID in Better Bankside, and are now involved in the emergence of Innovation Districts.

If you want to tier up from a simple meeting of businesses to a highly-sophisticated business-led agency, call us! We can:

• Constitute and build the capacity of your Town Centre Partnership or traders group
• Test the feasibility of a possible BID, and take it to ballot - Set up your BID, recruit its staff and procure its early services
• Plan and implement projects, with the help of The means’ Placemakers
• Navigate the public sector and deliver measurable change in relationships

If you are a Business Improvement District and need advice or support, get in touch. We can:

• Conduct Performance Reviews and offer focussed advice, including:
      o Governance / Systems Audit
      o Mid-Term Reviews
• Provide ongoing mentoring or one-off training for BID boards
• Help you focus on what matters and avoid bumps in the run up to Renewal Ballots, by providing strategic advice, support and planning