The Means at Placemaking Week Europe 2023 in Strasbourg

In a step towards enhancing the conversation around placemaking, The Means proudly participated as workshop facilitators at Placemaking Week Europe 2023 in Strasbourg. This event stands as the largest placemaking gathering in Europe, drawing together changemakers committed to shaping vibrant and inclusive spaces.

The event delved into four key themes: Placemaking for Ecology, Place-led Development, Placemaking for Civic Engagement and Placemaking for Equity. The Means contributed by leading discussions on three out of the four themes.

Under Placemaking for Ecology, we emphasise the urgent need for a balance between human culture and the natural environment. We presented a recent Green Infrastructure Plan (GIP) for Opportunity Kensington BID in London, showcased as a spatial planning tool for innovative urban greening projects, enhancing public spaces, and addressing issues like congestion and air quality.

Our topic for Placemaking for Equity delved into the paradoxical challenge of including disenfranchised communities while addressing the lack of diversity among placemakers. The session urged participants to reflect on whose voices truly shape spaces, questioning whether assumptions perpetuate a narrow worldview or contribute to authentically inclusive and vibrant environments.

Stay tuned for updates as we continue to play an active role in shaping the narrative of placemaking excellence.

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