International Women’s Day: Changing Places

Celebrating influential women in placemaking

Men and women use places differently. As part of International Women’s Day, we speak to Louise, Streatham BID manager, who has placed women’s interests at heart there during local festivals such as the Streatham Food Festival which includes a Toddlers Tour.

Louise’s passion for people led to an interest in the impact that a place has on its communities. After many years in Streatham, she’s been fascinated with the great community spirit, great open spaces, a high street of locally run independents and fantastic schools.

Streatham has been the choice for businesses to open up new branches in the last few years – M&S recently opened not one, but two Foodhalls in the district, Louise trusts that this is due to Streatham’s food culture, the High road is paved with more than 40 restaurants of different cuisines and the increased popularity of the Streatham Food Festival year after year. “Streatham is passionate about food and both M&S’s are foodhalls but with all the value of their catalogue through click and collect. The Streatham Hill store has totally bucked M&S’s demographic trends as we are a town of young professionals apparently.”

As a pioneering women herself with so many achievements in the last five years, we asked which she was most proud of?

“The Streatham Street Manual was a great collaborative project that made a public realm study a tangible projects-based recipe book approach rather than a ring bound document getting dusty in a drawer.”

Finally, what’s the coolest business a woman set up in Streatham?

“We have lots of dynamic female entrepreneurs in Streatham with award winning businesses. To mention just a few Emma Wilson Urban Spa, Batch & Co, Hood, Indigo Tree, Creative soul… this could be a very long list!”

Happy International Women’s Day!

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