Bangor First Renewal Ballot

Project categories: 
BID Renewal Ballot
Business Improvement District
Bangor First and Gwynedd County Council

In 2018 The means conducted a mid-term review for Bangor First, and was consequently commissioned in October 2020 to support the BID through its renewal ballot.

October 2020 – March 2021
Project Description: 

The means were engaged by Gwynedd County Council to take the BID through the renewal ballot process. This commission involved the following tasks:

  • Developing a consultation exercise to gauge levels of awareness and satisfaction of BID levy payers and the services that Bangor First are delivering
  • Reviewing and refreshing the existing BID arrangements
  • Reviewing and updating baseline and operating agreements
  • Development of the BID proposal content and design
  • Support in liaising with Electoral Services and Business Rates departments
  • Development of ballot documentation
  • Management and development of CRM database
  • Establishing a communications strategy for engaging new and existing BID levy payers
  • Facilitating the engagement with Head Office voters during the renewal campaign
  • Meeting legislation milestones
  • Campaigning and contacting allocated Head Office accounts to gauge their support

The renewal ballot was successful with a 58% yes vote by number and 69% yes vote by rateable value, and a turnout of 31%.