About Us


Our surroundings have a major influence on how we think and feel. Which is why we continue to pioneer placemaking solutions in the UK and, increasingly, overseas.

Our vision is to change the places where we work and live, for the better. We want to inspire communities to flourish and create environments where people want to be.

Meet the The means team here.

Our values:

We never forget that placemaking is about people – our clients and the people whose communities we are entrusted to revitalise. It is a trust we value highly.

Our commitment is to bring fresh ideas to our placemaking and place management solutions, ideas based on extensive market knowledge that produces outstanding solutions to problems.

The specialist team that drives The means brings the same high level of originality, dedication and personal involvement to every project, from economic development and regeneration to sustainable transport policies.

We care about our staff and clients and want to establish relationships based on honesty and trust. The means is a learning company, supporting our people to acquire new knowledge and skills.

We believe we are exceptional in what we do and what we achieve.